Journal of plant protection

The Croatian Plant Protection Society was established on 27 October 2000. Professionals attending the CPPS Statutory Meeting found the transition from the Plant Protection Section of the Croatian Society of Agronomists to the Croatian Plant Protection Society (CPPS) a quality change. Contributing to this opinion was the fact that the newly established Society was also joined by professionals involved in forest protection.  With the establishment of the Croatian Plant Protection Society, relevant plans were set up. One of its commitments was to start a journal of the Croatian Plant Protection Society under the name JOURNAL OF PLANT PROTECTION. Likewise the Plant Protection Section which had been a predecessor of the Croatian Plant Protection Society, our Journal also had its professional predecessors. Over some fifty years, the Journal had changed its name but the Editor-in-Chief was always the academician Milan Maceljski. Printing of the Plant Protection Journal in 2001 was a continuation of the bright tradition of plant protection in Croatia in promotion of common interests in and improvement of plant protection in all its segments.  The academician Milan Maceljski was appointed and remained the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal until the issue No. 4/2007, when he resigned from this position. Since then, the Editor-in-Chief has been Bogdan Cvjetković, Professor Emeritus, PhD. The Journal of Plant Protection is published on a regular basis and it is the only journal in Croatia publishing exclusively scientific, review and professional papers and articles in the field of plant health.

Every year the Journal of Plant Protection prints a double issue including a Summary of Plant Protection Products in Croatia. The academician M. Maceljski started to prepare such summaries as early as in 1957.

Every year, one issue of the Journal publishes articles addressing protection of a particular crop from pathogens. Other issues include articles on pathogens, their identification, life cycles, ecology, symptoms, control, integrated protection, quarantine pathogens and applicable legislation. The Journal also addresses other topics in the Sections: Society News (CPPS), CROCPA Activities, Language Commission Activities, Meeting Reports and other information.

Publishing frequency of The Journal of Plant Protection is 6 issues per year, also including a supplementary appendix Summary of Proceedings of Plant Protection Seminars. The Journal is distributed to all members of the Croatian Plant Protection Society.

Papers published in the Journal of Plant Protection are regularly indexed in the following databases: CAB Abstracts (CAB INTERNATIONAL) and AGRICOLA. Manuscripts are reviewed prior to publication.

First issue: 2001

Publishing frequency: 6 issues per year

Full texts of all papers published in the Journal of Plant Protection are available at the link: