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An ever increasing significance of various harmful factors affecting the plants (pests, pathogens and weeds) has led to a rapid development of a branch of agriculture and forestry having for its primary goal prevention of losses caused by such factors. Such losses in Croatia amount to approx. $500 million per year.

Plant protection, today also called phytomedicine, requires a comprehensive knowledge, today more than yesterday, tomorrow more than today. Agronomists acquire the necessary knowledge partly during their education and those employed at agricultural chemical stores and agricultural producers through their daily practice. However, this is not sufficient in view of ongoing advancement of the plant protection industry and a significant number of innovations. Plant protection specialists, while facing many challenges in pursuing the interests of their profession, are also hard-pressed by the need for establishing a better interconnection and organisation, in particular the need to follow the examples of other agricultural branches in Croatia and international plant protection specialists organised in professional associations and similar organisations.

With a view to initiate the establishment of a plant protection society in the Republic of Croatia, an Initiative Committee was established in October 2000, composed of: Prof. Bogdan Cvjetković, PhD;  Davor Čović, B.Sc. Agr.; Prof. Jasminka Igrc Barčić, PhD; Željko Lončar B.Sc.Agr.; academician Milan Maceljski; Petar Mesić, B.Sc.Agr. and Prof. Zvonimir Ostojić, PhD. The Statutory Meeting was convened by the Initiative Committee on 27 October 2000 and the great turnout of the participants confirmed the willingness and need for establishing such a society. The Management Board was appointed for a 4-year term of office, composed of: Lada Bičak, B.Sc.Agr.; Prof. Bogdan Cvjetković, PhD – Chairman; Ivanka Čizmić, M.Sc.Agr.; Davor Čović B.Sc.Agr.; Miroslav Harapin, PhD; Prof. Jasminka Igrc Barčić, PhD; Prof. Draženka Jurković, PhD; academician Milan Maceljski; Petar Mesić B.Sc.Agr. – Treasurer; Prof. Zvonimir Ostojić, PhD– Vice-Chairman; Ass. Prof. Snježana Topolovec-Pintarić, PhD – Secretary and Katja Žanić, PhD.  Based on the Decision of the Ministry of Justice, Public Administration and Local Self-Government, on 31 November 2000, CPPS was enrolled in the Croatian Register of Societies under Reg. No. 00001856. At the 2nd session of the Meeting held on 14 February 2002 in the context of 46th Plant Protection Conference in Opatija, the academician Milan Maceljski was acclaimed Honorary President of CPPS.

Professional knowledge in the field of plant protection should be continuously complemented by following relevant professional publications. The only professional journal in Croatia was established as early as in 1957 under the title “PLANT PROTECTION”, replaced by PLANT PROTECTION JOURNAL in the period from 1978 to 2000 and as of 2001, its publication continued under the title “JOURNAL OF PLANT PROTECTION”. CPPS has been confirmed as the publisher of the Journal of Plant Protection by the Croatian Government’s PR Office.

Managing Board

Supervisory Board:

Petar Mesić, B.Sc.Agr.

Adrijana Novak, PhD

Željko Lončar, B.Sc.Agr.


Prof. Bogdan Cvjetković, PhD

Prof. Marija Ivezić, PhD

Prof. Zvonimir Ostojić, PhD