64. Plant protection conference

Dear Sir/Madam,

Coming soon is the 64th edition of our traditional Plant Protection Conference which will take place in the ambient of the hotel “4 Flowers of Opatija” from 4 to 7 February 2020.

The Conference will be held under the slogan “Healthy Plants for Human Health”. Besides, the 64th Plant Protection Conference has been included in the official calendar of events during the Croatian presidency of the Council of the European Union (HR PRESS 2020) as a type “D” event.

Our goal in the year of plant health and the first Croatian presidency of the EU Council is to make the plant health area more perceivable at the European level and, with this event which will position Croatia as an important factor in the common European agenda of sustainable agriculture, to send a clear message of the importance of plant health in a wider context of food safety, forest health and human health.

The Conference will be focused on five topics also encompassing the European context, considering that these topics are also included in the new agenda of the European Commission:

  • Food Safety
  • Risks and Hazards Arising from Intake and Use of Counterfeited and Unregistered Pesticides
  • Hazards and Risks Arising from Quarantine Plant Pests
  • Protection of Protected Natural Areas against Diseases and Pests
  • Forest Health

The Conference programme will be published at the CPPS website and distributed to CPPS subscribers and members by post.

We are looking forward to your attendance and another gathering at the only meeting place of phyto-medics in Croatia!

President of the CPPS
Prof. Jasminka Igrc Barčić, PhD