Croatian plant protection society

About us

An ever increasing significance of various harmful factors affecting the plants (pests, pathogens and weeds) has led to a rapid development of a branch of agriculture and forestry having for its primary goal prevention of losses caused by such factors. Plant protection, today also called phytomedicine, requires a comprehensive knowledge which agronomists acquire partly during their education and those employed at agricultural chemical stores and agricultural producers through their daily practice. Due to ongoing advancement of the plant protection industry and a significant number of innovations, plant protection specialists, while facing many challenges in pursuing the interests of their profession, are also hard-pressed by the need for establishing a better interconnection and organisation.

The goal of the Croatian Plant Protection Society is to promote common interests in plant protection on a non-profit basis, to bring together the persons involved in plant protection with a view to promoting mutual scientific and professional support, improving the plant protection in all its segments, pathogen research, in particular in the Republic of Croatia, proposing and participating in professional and scientific projects related to plant protection, nature and environment protection and preservation of scientific, natural and cultural heritage in the plant protection area and supporting new job creation in the plant protection industry.


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